Hitron Wifi Modem Slow and Intermittent. Problem Solved for Shaw User

With the Covid-16 pandemic calling everyone to stay home I am sure others have experienced new problems for multiple users on a single WiFi modem. As a Shaw Internet subscriber using Shaw’s free Hitron modem, my family was running into issues. But even before home isolation we needed to use an extender for three far rooms in the house. One of those rooms was actually on the same basement level where the router was located.

With just a couple of users on the Hitron router we could get by, but would still need to switch between the main router connection and the extended depending where we were in the home. It’s was a hassle. Enter more users thanks for the Coronavirus and WiFi strength was up and down like a yoyo. And even sitting near the router I would find that I would have to disconnect and reconnect my phone WiFi from time to time as things would grind to a halt. So I finally called Shaw.

The tech support guy I got on the phone was most helpful and provided two possible solutions.

The cheapest option was to rent the XB6 Blu Curve GateWay modem. While I was getting the Hitron modem for free on my plan, the XB6 was $10 a month. He said I would notice a big difference and at least we could try it without buying something for ourselves on Amazon, which was his second solution to our WiFi woes. He had a similar home to me with multiple users and had purchased an Asus RT-AX88U router. I had heard from someone I called at a local store that getting a modem with antennas greatly increases your WiFi reception in a bungalow or 2 story home. You can point the antennas to different parts of the house. And that’s what the Asus modem had.

However, the Shaw tech guy told me that if I didn’t want to fork out the dollars needed for the Asus modem, we should try the XB6 BlueCurve Gateway Modem. It had internal antennas but still, I would notice a huge difference. So I ordered it and in less than a week is was set up and working. I was immediately happy with the results. We got rid of the Wifi Extender altogether and all members of the family continue to report good strength throughout the house.

Truth be told on good days the WiFi extender using our Hitron modem was just as good as the XB6 without the extender, but now we don’t have issues with fluctuating speeds from multiple users. If you live in a larger 2 story home you may need to go with the Asus RT-AX88U WiFi router where you have more options to point the various antennas. As for me, I will look for an Asus on sale sometime so I don’t have to keep paying the $10 a month rental.

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