How to Search for Remote Jobs

Are you in search of a remote job? What are the options for remote work? Where does freelancing fit into the mix? Let’s define what these terms mean in relation to your job search.

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Remote Jobs vs Freelance Jobs

A person working a remote job is an employee of a company on a salary or hourly wage.  However, they are working away from the location of the business.  There may be companies who don’t even have a building as their hub. It’s possible everyone is working from home.  For the most part, larger companies usually have an office location and often multiple locations.

The scenarios where there is no main business hub for a company are usually for sales companies, such as manufacture reps.  This happens when the entire business model is to go out to customers and have product shipped from a third party warehouse.   Still, most of the sales people in those positions are still employees and therefore working remotely as such, even if the owners of the company are also working out of their home business office.

Within these companies there will most certainly be other employees that are non-sales positions employed to keep the company running, such as data entry and book keeping.

Mainly, when we think about remote jobs we are referring to typical jobs that happen in an office and not a position where a person is out on the road servicing customers. 

Defining Remote Jobs

In a nutshell, remote jobs are jobs that people apply to as an employee.  Remote work positions are the same, but sometimes those referring to remote workers are those how are not working from home, rather, they are out on a jobs site with their home as based.  It’s a slightly different thing.

Freelance Jobs is work done by freelancers who entrepreneurs, home business owners or contractors.  They do not have an employer.  They have clients who are invoiced by the freelancer.  No salary.  No wage. Simply “work for pay”.

This does not meant that a freelancer can’t seek out a remote job.  There are freelancers who have a day job, where they have to go into an office.  They do there freelance work from home in the evenings and on the weekends.  This is where we often talk about “living the dream” or a “dream job”.  It’s when a freelancer is making enough money on there own that they can quite their day job.

Working full time from home as a freelancer brings more independence, but also more insecurity.  This has fuels a new movement for freelancers to seek out remote jobs as employees, which also gives them the freedom to make extras month as an independent freelancers… as long as it doesn’t interfere with their employers demands.   

How to Find Remote Jobs

So[ whether you are currently stuck in a day job with a dreadful commute and demands to head into the office for meetings, or you are a freelancer looking for security, there is a way to find screened remote jobs from companies that are mainly seeking someone to work from home 100% of the time.  Businesses are seeing the value with having a balance is “in office” workers and remote workers doing their jobs from home.

Find Remote Jobs Posted Here!

You can also filter your search to show multiple options for remote jobs.  These include:

  • Full time remote jobs 100% working from home.
  • Part time remote jobs 100% working from home.
  • Flexible jobs where there is a mix of going to the office and working from home (full time or part time).
  • Flexible freelance.  Companies seeking independent freelancers to work from them on specific jobs.

To work in a job where it’s partially remote and partially in the businesses office, you would need to leave near the companies location.  Fortunately, there is a remote jobs search tool where you can apply to companies by location.  Search Here!

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies seeking 100% remote employees regardless where they work.  FlexJobs is a paid service that screens job postings to ensure legitimate work from home jobs from companies seeking these types of employees.  Use promo code Save30 to save 30% person off their job find services.  

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Employers Seeking Remote Workers

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