Wifi Extender Boosts Wifi Signal to any Room in your Home!

It’s crazy when you pay for Wifi in your home only to find that it doesn’t effectively reach every room. Wifi can be limited by multiple walls, such when you have your main Wifi source upstairs and there is a room on the basement on the end other of the house.

This is a common problem but the solution is simple. Get a Wifi Extender! Simply plug it in and configure it to your main WiFi hub. The signal will be boosted to WiFi dead zones in the home. Problem solved.

How Does the Wifi Extender Work? It’s designed to connect with your existing WiFi connection, powered by the electrical outlet you plug it into. Ideally, you’ll want to plug it in close to where you have the weakest signal in the house, or in a hallway outlet between two rooms that have a weak signal.

Once the device is configured to your main WiFi modem, users simply connect to the WiFi Extender instead of the main WiFi connection.

It’s also ideal for offices with great distances for WiFi to travel, such as metal walls that can cause interference. Learn More Here!

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